Can I purchase a list of restaurants from GFTJ?

We prioritize our clients safety. We work closely with restaurants and our clients at the time of dining. We assist with ordering and speak with staff at restaurants at the time they prepare your food. This is the safest manner for us to support you. Sending someone to a restaurant to dine without this support presents numerous risks. Staff may have changed. Menus may have changed. The restaurant may have closed down since we last worked with them. Speaking with the restaurant/cafe at the time of dining is the surest way to avoid human error in the preparation of your meal.

Can you supply us with a list of safe snacks and drinks?

Manufacturing conditions may change as may product ingredients. For this reason we check all snacks and drinks at the time our clients eat or drink and cannot provide a list of safe foods.

Will you only recommend 100% gluten free establishments in Japan?

There are very few 100% GF establishments in Japan. They are often off the tourist path.
We have a large network of cafes/restaurants we have worked with across Japan. These restaurants are willing to adapt their meals with our support and take precautions around cross contamination with our guidance. We avoid high risk establishments with considerable cross contamination risk and airborne gluten.  We regularly work with highly sensitive people with Coeliac disease

Will I be able to eat Japanese cuisine?

Absolutely. We will introduce you to a variety of Japanese dishes.

I don’t like raw food/fish. Will there be enough variety for me to eat?

We work with many kinds of restaurants and you won’t be subjected to any food you dislike.
We will question your eating habits and work with you around any other dietary limitations or requirements.

Why is it difficult to be gluten free in Japan?

Soy sauce is widely accepted as gluten free in Japan.  Soy sauce is in almost everything.  
It is known to be one of the most difficult countries and there is very little awareness around Coeliac disease or what food ingredients contain gluten. We often find food labeled Gluten free in Japan that isn’t gluten free at all. Even sushi rice can be made with vinegar that contains gluten along with Dashi at times which is widely used to season food.

What if I don’t like Japanese food?

We can arrange a variety of cuisines including Western, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican, French and more.

Can you assist me to find a Ryokan stay?

Yes we love you to experience tradition in many ways.

Can you arrange GF cooking classes?

Yes. You can cook till you heart is content. You may like our Japan cooking adventure Self Guided Tour

I already have arranged my lodging and itinerary can you still help me?

Yes please check out our culinary support. (Link) We work with your itinerary and ad the delicious foodie component to it.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Japan?

Japan is still foremost a cash society. Credit cards are becoming more widely accepted in larger department stores and chain restaurants however most smaller shops and restaurants do not accept credit cards.

Can I add private tour guides to my tour if not already included?

Absolutely. We can customize any of our tours to be more suited to your needs.

Is Japan a safe country to travel?

Japan has a reputation of being one of the safest countries to travel.

Can you include baggage forwarding?

Forwarding your luggage on to your next destination is easily managed by your hotel concierge. Your bag needs to be measured at the time before this service can be arranged. It’s very reasonably priced for the convenience of not carting bags around between destinations. This allows you to more easily explore on the way.

Can you arrange my travel insurance?

We cannot arrange your travel insurance however having a travel insurance policy is a requirement of traveling with our support. If you are injured or become ill in Japan hospital treatment and stays are very expensive. Travel insurance is a very reasonable investment to protect you from incurring very expensive medical fees.

What do you love about the work you do?

We absolutely love bringing joy into the lives of ours clients allowing them to try lots of different food in Japan and not miss out on a very big aspect of Japanese culture. It is so challenging and then rewarding to make our clients forget they have coeliac disease for a moment in their lives. Our clients show us such gratitude and appreciation for the work we do it really gives us so much joy to make such a difference to someones life.  To go to a resatuanrt sit and dine like any regular person is a real treat on your holiday when you have Coeliac disease, knowing we are taking care of it all in the background and all they have to do is eat. Delicious food. Food is such a big aspect to your holiday and it should be stress free.  That’s what makes their holiday really special.  Delicious Food without stress.

Why did you start helping people travel Japan GF?

Having lived and worked in Japan as a vegetarian many years ago, we were very aware of the difficulties in making adaptions to meals in restaurants. Communication difficulties along with the fact that culturally it’s just not the norm to ask for adaptions to your meal makes it more challenging.  Having developed gluten intolerance later in life, I found another layer of difficulty in being served in Japanese restaurants. Hiroshi’s experience as a chef means he is very knowledgeable to the inner workings of restaurants and what ingredients are used in the dishes you get to try. Dining in restaurants together we faced this dynamic often and realized we could assist others facing this difficulty, allowing them to have a full foodie experience on their vacation in Japan.