There are two ways we can work with you to make your Japan trip easy and filled with wonderful food experiences.


Choose one of our exciting tours which can be customised and let us take care of all the planning for you. All our tours include our culinary support as a component of the tour.

Culinary Support

Travel with our culinary support package knowing everything to do with your food and drinks is managed for you throughout your stay and take care of your own itinerary, if that’s what you love to do.

Let us make you forget you have Coeliac disease as you travel Japan savouring delicious food.

"We are your virtual foodie guides, with you every step of the way"

How much do you value your time?

We save you time so you can make the most out of every minute of your Japan adventure.

Planning a gluten free adventure and searching for places to eat takes up a lot of time pre travel.  Visiting restaurants that are not on route and getting lost finding them also uses a lot of your very limited and valuable holiday time.
 Let us make every moment count taking away all your stress before you go and whilst enjoying your vacation.

Culinary Support
$990 AUD per week
  • Up to 8hrs support over 1 week
  • On call support for all your food and drink throughout your stay
  • All meals planned and booked on route of your itinerary
  • Support with hotel breakfasts or shopping for breakfast items if you have your own kitchen.
  • We build a map for you and add all your restaurants on route of your own planned itinerary.
  • We work with you flexibly so all of your restaurants are not locked in which gives you the choice to make changes to your itinerary or just choose what kind food you might like to eat that day.

*Prices are based on 1 person travelling in your group requiring food support.  Additional travellers requiring support with food will incur a small additional fee.
**Support over public holiday may incur an additional fee.
*** Fees could change without notice without a confirmed booking.