Japan is a country not to be missed. The people, the culture, the stunning scenery and the sumptuous food will make you want to return again and again.

Gluten free tours Japan wants you to experience the beauty of travelling to Japan without the worry of trying to avoid foods with gluten or trying to communicate your food allergies to someone in a foreign language.

Even the most confident and experienced gluten free traveller finds Japan very challenging when it comes to gluten free food. Their experience is that finding food that they feel is safe to eat is a huge focus of their trip, it's time consuming and tiring and they also feel that they miss out on a very large part of Japan's culture, its food.

Our tours are all about making it easy for you. We want you to have fun, focus on the sights and the beautiful friendly people and forget you even have a gluten allergy. We will take you to gluten friendly cafes and restaurants as you're sightseeing around Japan. We will ensure you get to eat traditional Japanese food. Your Japanese food experience will be wonderfully gluten free.

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group tours

We currently operate 3 group tours which cater up to 10 people. Our tours explore Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka. Click here for more information on our group tours.

customised itineraries

We can work with you to create a personalised itinerary that includes everything you wish to see whilst stopping at gluten free restaurants and cafes along the way. Click here for more information.

private tours

Let us take you on a private tour of Japan. We can accompany you on a tour of your choice or we can create one for you.

luxury tours

Travel Japan in luxurious style. We can plan an exciting adventure of a lifetime showcasing the very best of Japanese quality across food, accomodation and services. A trip you will never forget.


Inma Ferriz
Meaghan and Hiroshi were super helpful and always attentive to us while travelling in Japan. They adapted to our schedules and were always ready to help when we went to a restaurant, even talked for us with the staff in Japanese when English was not well understood and we needed help to order our gluten-free and lactose-free meal. It was very comforting to have them. Thanks so much! 

Angela Scott
I cannot recommend Gluten Free Tours Japan and the excellent service Meaghan and her husband provided during my 3 week trip in Japan highly enough. I contacted Meaghan last minute as the reality of how challenging eating in Japan was going to be sunk in, despite speaking conversational Japanese and being able to read basic kanji.
Of the many countries I've travelled to, Japan is one of the most challenging. Not only is soy sauce in almost everything there are many hidden sources of gluten everywhere and the risk of cross contamination is high. There is a lot of misleading information out there and as a coeliac (and for anyone else avoiding wheat or gluten), eating in Japan is an absolute minefield. I would go so far as to say that any coeliac and even those who are gluten intolerant visiting Japan should seek the support of Gluten Free Tours Japan to ensure you can spend your time and energy enjoying your trip and not stressing about finding safe food.
Meaghan is thorough, incredibly helpful and flexible in tailoring support to meet your needs and budget, and is very responsive with communication.
Please support this wonderful tour company. Japan is beautiful with a rich culture and wonderful food. Don't miss out on what it has to offer for fear of getting sick.
Thank you Meaghan and Hiroshi. Your help was invaluable and your flexibility appreciated.

Sophie Mccraken Evans
It was so lovely to have wonderful food organised and to be able to safely eat everything without worrying about the language barrier or cross contamination. I am so grateful for the support and attention to detail provided during the organising of everything. Thank you!

Gurj Singh
Excellent service provided at a reasonable price. I got help with multiple things besides just the food. Very quick to respond also, which is very useful when you come across any problems whilst you're there. Got to try multiple Japanese foods, which I was worried I wouldn't be able to. Overall made my travels completely stress-free and very enjoyable!

Mel Winton
Lovely Meaghan has gone out of her way to help us find suitable food for my gf son. I'm very appreciative of her efforts! Thanks again, Meaghan

Nina Shield
Meaghan was beyond helpful in allowing us to relax and feel comfortable with the meals she arranged, and she was frequently in touch to make sure everything went well. My only regret is not having her book our entire trip because it totally alleviated all food-related anxiety, and ended up leading to some of the best meals of our time in Japan! Can't recommend more highly.

Allie Genghini
Our trip to Japan was really amazing despite the two offseason typhoons that struck during our stay. What made it that way was thanks to Gluten Free Japan Tours.
I was worried that my Husband would not get to experience traditional food, which is essential to any trip in really taking part in the culture, after all the negative comments people had about gluten free in Japan. Meaghan and her husband really looked out for us during our trip and tried to find great places to pick from, where possible, so that we could have a great experience without giving up and just eating plain meals.
Thank you for making this honeymoon possible for us

Liz Baugh
Gluten Free Tours Japan took away all the stress and anxiety I normally have when traveling and trying to navigate celiac disease friendly restaurants. I can't say enough good things about my experience.
Meaghan and her partner worked with me, the food I wanted to try, and my budget to make my trip to Japan memorable. They were also available 24/7 to answer any question I had!
If/when I return to Japan, Meaghan will be the first person I contact. If you or someone you are traveling with has celiac disease or a gluten allergy, I can't recommend this company more!v

LeAnn Forystek
This team is awesome and have made our time in Japan 100x more enjoyable. They were able to find so many awesome and safe locations for me and my husband to eat at that are gluten free friendly. They found locations outside of ones mentioned on gluten free forums and gluten free Facebook pages, as well as locations outside the Tokyo area.

If you suffer from celiac disease or a gluten allergy and want to explore Japan to the fullest, I would definitely hire this team and include them in your trip planning!

Leisha Ostrowski
Japan is not to be missed yet it is not easy to navigate with respect to gluten free diets. We have experienced that difficulty first hand with two children with celiac disease. Gluten Free Japan has expert knowledge about gluten allergy and celiac disease and they offer exceptional service. I completely trust their judgment and recommendations.

Maya Noren
I cannot say enough good things about Gluten Free Tours Japan and Meaghan & Hiroshi. I first contacted Meaghan late last year (2016) regarding an upcoming family trip to Kyoto. My son is 9 years old and was diagnosed with Celiac nearly 7 years ago. Typically, we feel very comfortable navigating the world gluten-free, but after even a cursory amount of research about traveling GF in Japan, I have to admit that we were completely overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect. I absolutely do not believe we could have traveled to Japan without Meaghan & Hiroshi’s help.

From basic encouragement that it CAN be done to helping us locate “safe” gluten-free dining options to helping us rent the most amazing Japanese-style house to putting together flexible and kid-friendly itineraries, Gluten Free Tours Japan did it all. Beyond just calling ahead to all of our dining destinations to confirm that they could accommodate my son’s dietary restrictions, Hiroshi also took me on a virtual shopping trip to our local grocery store, helping me select “safe” products for us to cook back at our house. They even helped us order special GF products to stock our kitchen before we arrived.

Gluten Free Tours Japan gave us personalized and detailed daily itineraries, complete with helpful subway and walking maps and fun destinations for both the kids and the grown-ups. They helped us rent a pocket wi-fi, arranged for a guided tour of Kyoto with a woman who we now consider a dear friend (and who later babysat for our children one night during our vacation), and were “on-call” for us throughout our stay in Japan.

Our week in Kyoto was a complete success. Beyond my son never getting glutened, my family completely and totally fell in love with Japan. This had everything to do with Gluten Free Tours Japan and the very personalized itinerary and attention provided by Meaghan & Hiroshi. I highly recommend contacting Meaghan & Hiroshi for your next GF trip to Japan. They know the country well and they completely understand the gluten-free diet and Celiac Disease.

Honestly, the world is an amazing place and you can’t let Celiac Disease limit you. We live in Connecticut. They are in Australia. We traveled to Japan and despite all the “challenges” one might think culture, language, and geographical distance might create, the trip couldn’t have gone more smoothly and have been more perfect. With the support of Gluten Free Tours Japan, we felt confident traveling independently in a very beautiful and foreign country. We can’t wait to go back!

Amanda Barrett
Meaghan was incredibly helpful when we traveled to Japan earlier this year. Japan is a tricky country to navigate GF food in so this took the stress out of the experience. Meaghan was very knowledgeable and her assistance was invaluable. I would highly recommend this service to anyone requiring safe gluten-free food options when in Japan! Thank you!

Elysia Tassis
The help I have received from Meaghan and Hiroshi has been amazing and invaluable. Eating in Japan with Coeliac Disease is tough but with their relocation package it has made the move to Japan a lot easier. They are both very knowledgable and friendly and respond almost instantly to any questions I have. I'm so thankful for their service. I'm not sure what I would have done without it!

Emily Victoria
The help provided by Gluten Free Tours Japan was quite invaluable on my holiday. It was so nice to feel comfortable knowing what I was eating was safe, and we were able to have some great local experiences that otherwise would not have been possible. Thanks so much Meaghan and Hiroshi!

Roberta Zelari
A trip in Japan with a food allergy, in particular a broad allergy like the one to gluten that i have, was truly worrying me while I was collecting information on the type of food and recipes that i could find there.
Then i found Gluten Free Tours Japan, who not only solve all your problems related to where and what to eat gluten fee in Japan, but they can also support you in the organization of the trip itself, suggesting the best itineraries and things to do according to your interests!
I was blessed for 15 days of my trip in Japan to receive the extremely knowledgeable and professional service offered by Gluten Free Tours Japan, who actually went far beyond what i was expecting from them and made my holiday in Japan an experience to treasure and truly unforgettable, in the good sense of course! :-)
If you are a celiac, Gluten Free Tours Japan is the best service you can get to prevent your allergy to affect the enjoyment of your holiday.

Caitoriona Quinn
Japan is a great country but unfortunately for us coeliacs it can be a difficult place to enjoy and embrace food. Meaghan helped me out in ensuring a ryokan had booked in Hakone provided me with gluten free meals. I had a very nice time at this ryokan and did not get sick during my stay here. I really appreciated her help as there was a major language barrier and I would have definitely suffered otherwise.

April Lewis
Worked with Meaghan to plan a few special meals during my recent trip to Japan. The food was excellent and Meaghan did a great job making sure it was safe for me to eat. I even got to try a 10 course traditional Japanese meal - what a treat!

Jane Lynch
Thanks so much Meaghan for all of your assistance in October when travelling to Japan in October with our son who is Coeliac. The information you provided was extremely detailed and spot on and I would highly recommend your service to anyone with a Gluten intolerance. Thanks again.

Barbara Wasbin
After booking our flights to Japan, I started planning our trip and quickly came to the conclusion that traveling in Japan with Celiac disease would be very difficult. Then I found Gluten Free Tours Japan. Meaghan and Hiroshi helped turn this into the trip of a lifetime. A couple months prior to our vacation, they helped us with our itinerary, found restaurants for us everywhere we went, even a gluten-free bakery! But their service went way beyond that. A few examples:

When we walked into a restaurant, they already knew all about my dietary restrictions because Meaghan and Hiroshi had called them to explain before we got there.

They arranged a wonderful day for us in Kyoto with a delightful couple who showed us around and also taught us the proper way to eat soba noodles. (Hint: lots of slurping.)

My husband fell ill with the flu one evening. Hiroshi directed us to the nearest emergency room and interpreted by phone between my husband and the doctor. (Luckily, it was nothing serious and we were back on our way the next morning.)

As Typhoon Lan was headed our way on the island of Shikoku, they contacted the reception office to arrange for us to leave a day early so we could get away before the storm hit. Not only did they get us a full refund for the last night, but Meaghan and Hiroshi found a us reservation for that night – a Saturday – in Kyoto. Lifesavers.

Anyway, I could go on and on. Maybe we could have stumbled through on our own, but having Meaghan and Hiroshi plan and navigate for us and be just one phone call or message away when we ran into trouble made all the difference in the world. It gave us total peace of mind and allowed us to relax and enjoy a truly amazing experience. Even if they had done only what they said they would do, it would have been great. But Meaghan and Hiroshi went way, way beyond that. They are, quite simply, wonderful. We feel like we’ve made 2 good friends (and one little one).

We're missing Japan very much. We are so grateful to Meaghan and Hiroshi for everything. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are incredible.

Evan Pike
I contacted Gluten Free Tours Japan in just a short time before the start of my 13 day tour with a guest that has Celiac and wasn't quite sure what to expect. The short version is that I was extremely happy with GFTJ's service and support during our trip and would certainly hire them again without hesitation. Their quote seemed reasonable before the trip but looking back I think it was great value! It was a pleasure working with them and don't think I could have avoided cross contamination and gluten without their help. Of course there were some places I could find on my own, but having them vet the restaurants and confirm they could reduce the cross contamination risk is something I could not have done without them. Having the option for them to be available during the trip to answer questions and make reservations was extremely valuable as well. If I visit Japan with another guest that needs to eat gluten free, GFTJ will be the first place I contact. Thanks for everything! Evan from Japan Photo Guide.

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